Web design and development


Web development and design

Web design and development

After ten years living in the internetz, I'm now skilled in severel web areas and I know quite a bit about (ok, nearly) all the aspects that involve web development: UI, usability, accesibility, responsive design, cross browsing, SEO, valid and semantic code, user experience, page speed... you name it.

With this whole scope in mind, I can develop complete projects such as simple and personal websites (blogs, portfolios, microsites) or more complex stuff that involves some dinamic content - I usually work with Wordpress but can adapt to any other CMS or work with some backend coders.

Front End

I'm mostly a front end engineer, and I'm used to work with designers and backend coders (I have some skills on this). I work with HTML5, CSS3, Jquery... I'm flexible with tools and workflow; I'm solution oriented and deal well with deadlines. Also, I'm adorable.

Wordpress Encyclopedia Afroeuropean studies

Afroeuropean Studies

Multilingual wordpress site for León University
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Design Logo Espora

Espora Events & Comunication

Wordpress for events and conferences site
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Front end for newsletters in ol' not-so-good tables.
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Personal attention

When designing for individuals, I care about their needs and likes, and I help them to achieve their ideas.

Work for agencies

Hi! Wether you are a design or consultancy agency I can help with your front-end needs. I like clean + semantic code, I work hard to get crossbrowsing right (but I forgot anything before IE8, come on); I don't do any flash and I'm an eager and quick learner.

Responsive Design

I even took a W3C course to enhance some skills here, I'm ready to code and advice for all kind of devices.

Favourite tools

HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Jquery, Wordpress, Photoshop, Sublime text, Coda, Google Webmaster tools, PHP, Apache, APIS, WACG 1.0 / WACG 2.0 /WAI-ARIA, Google Closure, YUI Compressor, SEO, Bootstrap, Git...

Search Engine Optimization

...I work with Google's best practices for code, hierarchy and usability.

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